Music Programs

1. A Capella’s program dedicated to the Old Greek Cinema:  

«A trip from the black and white movies of Finos Films
to Dalianidis” musicals»
A Capella introduce you to the musical show based on songs of the Greek Cinema’s Golden period.  Songs of great composers (i.e. M. Hadjidakis, M. Plessas, S. Xarhakos etc.), that were originally performed by actors in the movies shall be performed by our singers. The following artists participate in our show:

Irini Pefani
: Singer
Artemis Gaitanou: Singer, Violin, Accordion, Dancer
Yannis Papachatzis: Guitar, Singer
Marios Papadopoulos: Piano
George Nidriotis: Bouzouki
Nancy Aggelaki: Percussion
Maria Drakopoulou: Actress

A Capella 
will be using 50 different costumes in this performance,
in accordance to the needs of each song. The show will be enriched with slide show from classical Greek movies.


2. A Tribute to «Xenitia» songs

Classic and favorite traditional and folk songs.


3. Folk festival
A concert with old loved folk songs from the 45rpm vinyl singles records, traditional songs from the islands and rebetiko, ideal for dancing!


4. A Tribute to the great Greek poets from the letter «Α» to «Ω»
A program with 24 songs (every letter of the Greek alphabet corresponds to a name of a Greek poet) written from the most renowned poets from our country.


5. A Tribute to songs dedicated to the moon
Songs dedicated to the moon, ideal for special musical nights with sense of summer.


6. A Tribute to the songs of «Neo Kyma»
Including songs of G. Zografos, L. Pappa, M. Violaris, D. Savvopoulos,
K. Chomata, R. Koumioti, as well as songs of artists such as Arleta and G. Poulopoulos. A concert that honors and revives the songs of «Neo Kyma» and travels us to the atmosphere of the «Boites» of Plaka in the 60′s.


7. Music programs dedicated to the songs of the great Greek composers
A Capella could not possibly leave out of its programs the great Greek composers. Music nights with the most important songs of
M. Chatzidakis, M. Theodorakis, S. Xarhakos, M. Plessas, G. Spanos,
D. Savvopoulos, G. Zabetas, A. Kaldaras, V. Tsitsanis, M. Vamvakaris,
A. Panou, S. Kougioumtzis.


8. A Tribute to the songs from the 60′s and 70′s
A music program dedicated to the hippies period with songs of the Olympians, Poll, the Idols, the Charms, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Skynyrd, Kinks, Troggs, and others.


9. A music program dedicated to the Polytechnic uprising of 17th November 1973.


10. A Christmas Concert
A concert consisting of Christmas songs and Christmas Carols (Kalanta) from different parts of Greece.
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