Eirini Pefani

Eirini Pefani with her distinct voice began her career at Chicago“s
«Denis Den»
 where she first sang. She continued to sing in Greece, beside great singers (G. Zabetas, S. Dionusiou, R. Sakellariou,
V. Moscholiou, P. Papadopoulou, M. Linda, F. Nikolaou, Dakis
She participated in several of their tours in the USA, which took place in music halls and casinos. She took part at the grand opening of the 
Taj Mahal, Atlantic City
 where she sang with Stratos Dionusiou and Dakis (where Michael Jackson and Cher sung at the first day of the grand opening). She studied modern singing at the National Conservatory of Athens with Anna Diamantopoulou.

Eirini Pefani - Ειρήνη Πεφανή